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Pinnacle Digital Academy provides relevant digital resources that are most beneficial to entrepreneurs who want turn their talent into profit. We believe every business owner or freelancer should be able to earn money doing what they love. That’s why Pinnacle offers affordable digital products that are easy to follow. We want you to succeed.

My Story


As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a business owner. Perhaps it was because of my desire for independence or maybe it’s my personality. Who knows? One thing is for certain, I was never satisfied working for other people; I wanted my own business.


Of course, family and friends saw things differently. For a while, I attempted to fit the mold. After high school, I attended college majoring in graphic design and web development but dropped out. Besides being overwhelmed and discouraged, I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t qualify for financial assistance and with my mother close to retirement, she didn’t want to co-sign for a loan. So, I decided to get an office job since I had an office technology certificate from a local junior college and was a fast typist.

I went from job to job but couldn’t find a good fit. I felt like a failure because at that time, I was of the mind-set that if you got a good job, you were to stay there until you retired or died...whichever came first. At least, that's what I saw in my family.


It wasn't until years later, after a difficult pregnancy, motherhood and a subsequent illness that I explored the possibility of owning my own business. I was no longer physically able to work a job, so I had to find another way to earn an income. With rugged determination, I tried drop-shipping online businesses because that was all I knew. I had minimal success because I tried to figure stuff out on my own. My business model was to find out what was popular at similar businesses and mark my products as much as half-off. With no prior knowledge of marketing, my thinking was that if you had popular products, they would sell themselves.

 My mistakes made me realize I had a lot learn. That was the beginning of a quest for knowledge. I wanted to learn everything I could about running a business. That sounds funny even now because I hated school—barely graduated high school and dropped out of college, but there I was with an insatiable appetite for any information I could find about business. I began by following a popular business/life coach, watching her videos and learning from her digital resources as well as others.

To make ends meet, I worked whatever jobs I could find. By this time, I lived in the Atlanta area. The traffic and commute were brutal, but I hung in there until my son complained about never seeing me. Then, I decided to do rideshare. I figured that since approximately four hours a day was spent commuting to and from work (no exaggeration), I may as well get paid for it and have more time for my son.


Five years of rideshare (three years consistently) was a blessing in disguise. Several of my riders shared invaluable information. Some told me about various training and certifications that I could look into. Others gave me helpful information about starting a business in Georgia. Now I get the chance to pay it forward. How cool is that?


Once I decided the direction I wanted to go in, it was time to start implementing my newfound knowledge and ideas. Although stressed to the max, I did as much as I could to lay the foundation for my business while still doing rideshare. Eventually, I had to devote myself to my business full-time.


I won't paint a rosy picture that will have you under the impression that I immediately lived happily ever after. Almost the opposite was true. Starting this business was hard work. I had a multitude of disappointments and obstacles to overcome. A few times, I had to "tear down" what I had built and start over again. Initially, my business was digital marketing, but after a while, I changed to digital design. Both markets were oversaturated, so competition was fierce. Then, the pandemic happened. Needless to say, I got discouraged and wanted to quit many times. But with faith, the support of my family and extensive research, I persisted and eventually found my niche.


Now, I am a certified business/entrepreneurial coach and the CEO/Founder of Pinnacle Digital Academy LLC (formerly Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC) specializing in digital resources for entrepreneurs who are determined to stop using their skills to make others rich and get their own. I discovered that there are a lot of people with great ideas for new businesses but very little business acumen. Our job is to bridge the gap and help our clients develop a business mind-set which can mean the difference between a hobby or side-hustle and a lucrative business.

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